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JULY 24, 2014

The Millionaire Tour
A hijacked cab passenger must convince the hijacker that he is going after the wrong guy and find his way to escape!

Lions for Lambs
The poignant and layered story of several individuals caught up at various ends of the nation's war on terror - a senator (Tom Cruise), a network news journalist (Meryl Streep), an idealistic professor (Robert Redford) and two young soldiers fighting in the snow-capped mountains of Afghanistan.

Anaconda 3: Offspring
A ruthless mercenary and his team are on the hunt for a pair of giant snakes that have escaped and are on a mega-sized feeding frenzy.

The Twins Effect II

Natural City
In a world where cyborgs walk amongst humans, serving various purposes but only living for three years, two cops named R and Noma hunt down the rebel androids. When R falls in love with his companion cyborg just days before her coming death, he must choose whether to spend his last days with her on a paradise-like planet, or help save his friends when a renegade combat cyborg takes over the police headquarters.

Enfusion Live 2013 EP 5
Top international MMA fighters will face off in this special event as they fight 1-on-1 in a live stadium! Witness the winning moments of you favorite MMA star.

The Great Escape EP 3
This fast-paced, nail-biting competition series drops ordinary people into the middle of their own epic action/adventure movie.

Attack The Gas Station
A rebellious athlete, an unemployed rock musician, a frustrated painter and a simple-minded loser come together to rob a gas station in look for a small fortune.

The Incredible Mr Goodwin EP 3

The Incredible Mr Goodwin EP 4

My Wife Is A Gangster 3
Lim Aryong, the daughter of a triad boss, flees to Korea after being accused of murder. A band of bumbling gangsters are charged with protecting Aryong, but she has other ideas.

See You After School
For Goong-dahl, nothing has gone right his whole life. In an attempt to discard his

Bellator MMA (Season 8) EP 1
Get ready for a new season of Bellator Fighting Championships as MMA's top stars compete for the championship title.

M1 Challenge XXXII EP 1
Teams coming from all over the world face off in the ring and compete in the most impressive MMA fights on TV.

  Please note this program schedule is set to the HK/SG/PHIL time zone (UTC+8). If you are located in the JKT/THAI time zone (WIB), subtract one hour.


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Action Movie Saturday(Channel Premiere) : Girlfight

The Tarantino Style(Channel Premiere) : Pulp Fiction

Action Movie Wednesday - The Rocky Legend (Channel Premiere) : Rocky Balboa