• Must Watch

    Seven Warriors

    Adam Cheng, Tony Leung, Jacky Cheung, Sammo Hung

    Endless Battle

    Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Joel Chan


    Simon Yam, Lam Suet, Ruby Wong, Maggie Shiu

    The New Option

    Michael Wong, Shawn Yue, Patrick Tam

    12:05 am

    Jackie Chan plays a young warrior who must fight off the clans to protect a secret scripture and reveal the mysterious disappearance of the eight Shaolin masters who wrote it.

    Jackie Chan, Nora Miao

    Chen Chi Hwa

  • 01:55 am

    Hong Kong's up-and-coming actor William Chan stars as a gangster rise through the ranks and become the no.1 triad gangster in Hong Kong!

    William Chan, Patrick Tam, Michelle Wai, Irene Wan

    Daniel Chan

  • 03:25 am

    A woman in hospital discovers her husband’s affair and encounters another victim of the affair. Is this entity a figment of her imagination or a vengeful spirit?

    Mayjune Chan, Jonathan Lee, Ruby Yap

    Heng Aik Siong

  • 04:20 am

    Madam Fong leads a new squad of four policewomen across borders to pursue young anarchists terrorizing Macau in a mission to protect the HK Deputy Commissioner of Police.

    Patrick Tam, Michael Tong, Jade Leung

    Jacky Lee

  • 06:00 am

    On the night before a martial arts combat, two famous swordsmen are framed for murder and flee to find the real killer.

    Andy Lau, Brigitte Lin, Elvis Tsui

    Taylor Wong

  • 07:35 am

    Young Ip Man pursues his studies in Hong Kong in 1917. When the whole school is held hostage during the day of an English speech competition, Ip Man decides to step up...

    Zhao Wen Hao, Mou Feng Bin, Li Hao Xuan

    Li Li Ming

  • 09:00 am

    FBI agent Cindy is sent to Hong Kong as an undercover reporter to expose a money forging ring run by a devious newspaper editor, using the newspaper's presses.

    Cynthia Rothrock, Elizabeth Lee, Chin Siu Ho, Mang Hoi

    Mang Hoi

  • 10:35 am

    In this sequel, the four imperial guards are defrosted and reanimated in modern times. With different motives in mind, they strive to find their way back in time...

    Donnie Yen, Eva Huang, Simon Yam

    Raymond Yip

  • 12:10 pm

    In ancient China, a group of European mercenaries encounters a secret army that maintains and defends the Great Wall of China against a horde of monstrous creatures.

    Matt Damon, Andy Lau, Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe

    Zhang Yi Mou

  • 02:00 pm

    Mei leads the Thunderbolt Women's Commando Unit to defeat the drug cartel in a fierce battle, and successfully rescue her undercover father who has his identity exposed.

    Shen Tai, He Mei Xuan

    Liu Meng, Xue Wen Hua

  • 03:30 pm

    A skilled martial arts master who left the martial arts world must return to avenge his lover's death with the help of a beggar gang leader.

    Louis Fan, Norman Chui

    Ferrnand Aan Kwong Hing

  • 05:10 pm

    An ex-SWAT officer becomes the pacifier of his late team leader's kids. He protects them from gangsters seeking revenge and vows to wipe them out for his team mates.

    Liu Geng Hong, Pei Jia Xin, Fu Zi Ming, Zhang Li Wei

    Jiang Jing Zhong

  • 07:00 pm

    A team of police officers uncovers their seniors' involvement in an illegal plot after a drug operation raid. They vow to bring them to justice and root out corruption.

    Donnie Yen, Jacky Cheung, Simon Yam, Carol Cheng, Irene Wan

    Yuen Woo Ping

  • 08:40 pm

    The film pays tribute to generations of stuntmen, including current super stars, who designed and delivered some of the most spectacular death-defying kung fu moves on-screen.

    Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Woo Ping, Donnie Yen etc..

    Junzi Wei

  • 10:20 pm

    Pooja, a big fan of Bruce Lee, practises jeet kune do to become a skilled martial artist. When her boyfriend is kidnapped by the mafia, she must fight back to save him.

    Pooja Bhalekar, Dragon Sek, Miya

    Liu Jing, Ram Gopal Varma