• 12:25 am

    Lin Xiang is a spy trying to rebuild a radio network in Shanghai after the Japanese occupation. Unfortunately, he is captured after his identity has been revealed...

    Aaron Kwok, Zhao Li Ying, Zhang Han, Zhang Lan Xin

    Billy Chung

  • 02:15 am

    A scientist and a team travel back in time to the Cretaceous Period to rescue members from a previous mission. But, they accidentally also bring back a giant man-eating dinosaur...

    Michael Gross, Christopher Atkins

    Louis Myman

  • 03:50 am

    Wang Yu heads a stellar cast in this tale of a swordsman on the run, with his beloved in hot pursuit. The intense action scenes are beautifully choreographed. Chang Cheh directs.

    Chin Ping, Wang Yu, Chiao Chuang, Chiao Chiao

    Chang Cheh

  • 05:40 am

    A devastating dilemma changes the fate of three cops when an undercover operation against a notorious Thai drug lord goes horribly wrong.

    Sean Lau, Louis Koo, Nick Cheung

    Benny Chan

  • 07:55 am

    Edward attends a new school which has a reputation for fighting. Student leader Stone, befriends Edward, but their friendship is tested when a local triad leader discovers that Edward comes from a wealthy family.

    Nicholas Tse, Stephen Fung, Joey Yung

    Jin Wong, Billy Chung

  • 09:30 am

    A spirit hunter and a spirit huntress team up to fight the evil spirits released from the mining of an ancient burial ground in Siam. Can they finally defeat the evil spirits?

    Akara Amarttayakul, Sa-Ard Piempongsan, Phutharit Prombandal

    Pisut Praesangeam

  • 11:00 am

    This is a battle between a brave band of Shaolin boxers and the Qing troops, complete with betrayals, intrigues, and fighting machines such as 108 wooden robots. The conflict grows as monks struggle to stay alive under the Qing ruling.

    David Chiang, Ti Lung, Fu Sheng

    Chang Cheh

  • 01:05 pm

    When the evil Loki destroys the fortress of Valhalla and steals the Hammer of Invincibility, only the young hero Thor can protect Earth from Armageddon.

    Patricia Velasquez, Cody Deal, Kevin Nash, Richard Grieco

    Christopher Ray

  • 02:45 pm

    Set in 1930s, a mercenary pilot teams up with a smuggler and a Chinese agent to rescue the chief of a village and stop the Japanese from building a poisonous gas plant.

    Cindy Lau, Lowell Lo, Matui Tetsuya, Michelle Yeoh, Richard Ng, Yee Tung Sing

    David Chung

  • 04:25 pm

    A woman in hospital discovers her husband’s affair and encounters another victim of the affair. Is this entity a figment of her imagination or a vengeful spirit?

    Mayjune Chan, Jonathan Lee, Ruby Yap

    Heng Aik Siong

  • 05:20 pm

    A cop goes undercover in a prison to find a murderer and finally meets his target when the prison warden enrols him and other inmates for a secret mission.

    Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Sammo Hung

    Chu Yen Ping

  • Must Watch

    The Magnificent Butcher

    Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Kwan Tak Hing, Li Hai Shen, Fung Ke An

    The Dead and the Deadly

    Sammo Hung, Wu Ma, Lam Ching Ying, Cherrie Chung

    Warriors Two

    Sammo Hung, Casanova Wong, Bryan Leung

    The Iron Fisted Monk

    Sammo Hung, Chan Sing, James Tien

    07:00 pm

    When Wong Fei Hung and his disciples encounter a cult set on killing their local governor, they must step in to prevent the situation from getting out of hand!

    Vincent Zhao, Wei Na, Li Lu Bing

    Marco Mak

  • 08:40 pm

    In this sequel, the female police squad members struggle to blend in with the new recruits, and must also join the Special Duty Unit to capture an escaped prisoner.

    Sibelle Wu, Sandra Ng, Kara Wai, May Law, Leung Wan Yui, Ken Wai Chun, Amy Yip, Fung Shui Fan

    Wilson Chin

  • 10:20 pm

    Donnie Yen, Wu Ma, Billy Chow, Yuan Wen Qing

    Yuen Woo Ping