• 12:15 am

    Two brothers help a triad boss to smuggle illegal goods in exchange for their film fund. However, they soon discover that they have fallen into a trap set by the triad…

    Ly Hai, Hua Minh Dat

    Ly Hai

  • 01:50 am

    Cheon Jeong Myeong, Jo Jae Yoon, Kim Min Jae, Lee Tae Hwan

  • 03:10 am

    This is a heart-warming and touching story about the brotherhood between a top cop and his mentally disabled brother.

    Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Emily Chu

    Sammo Hung

  • 04:45 am

    Chayan Chantawongsatorn, Jetrin Wattanasin

    Workpoint Group & Jaymidi

  • 05:45 am

    Moon Se Yun, Choi Sung Min, Seol Chae Hyun, Shim Jin Hwa, Kim Won Hyo, Kim Ji Min

  • 06:50 am

    "Totally Outnumbered" is a unique Japanese variety game show where one supreme professional from a specific area of expertise faces off with a large group of amateurs.

    Kenji Yamauchi, Ryuichi Hamaya, Yuki Iwai, Yu Sawabe

  • 07:40 am

    Bodyguard Long Wei becomes a VR fighter with a newly invented armour from a technology firm. When some armed men break into the firm, a fierce battle has just begun...

    Louis Fan, Jiang Yi Yi, Wang Zhi Peng, Song Zi Qiao

    Tang Qiao Jia

  • 09:10 am

    Pakho Chau, Alex Fong, Camille Hua

    Frankie Chung

  • 10:35 am

    Yoo Jae-seok

  • 11:50 am

    A spirit hunter and a spirit huntress team up to fight the evil spirits released from the mining of an ancient burial ground in Siam. Can they finally defeat the evil spirits?

    Akara Amarttayakul, Sa-Ard Piempongsan, Phutharit Prombandal

    Pisut Praesangeam

  • 01:20 pm

    V, Kim Min-Jae and more

  • 02:40 pm

    G Wars is a Japanese game show that pits two teams of five contestants against each other in a series of ridiculous and extreme challenges such as “mid-air giant rubber band...

  • 03:35 pm

    Jackie Chan stars as one of five criminals who want to start afresh by starting a cleaning business. They inadvertently find themselves caught in a triad war.

    Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Fung Shui Fan

    Sammo Hung

  • 05:30 pm

    The film pays tribute to generations of stuntmen, including current super stars, who designed and delivered some of the most spectacular death-defying kung fu moves on-screen.

    Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Woo Ping, Donnie Yen etc..

    Junzi Wei

  • 07:10 pm

    Moon Se Yun, Choi Sung Min, Seol Chae Hyun, Shim Jin Hwa, Kim Won Hyo, Kim Ji Min

  • 08:15 pm

    Lim Won Hee, Park Si Yeon, Gong Hyo Jin

    Ryoo Seung Wan

  • 10:00 pm

    Pakho Chau, Chai Wei, Yuen King Dan, Davis Mo

    Li Wei Ji

  • 11:35 pm

    Yoo Jae-seok